New Year, new style


It’s been an interesting start of the year for me, still developing both this blog and my website piece by piece and deciding what direction I would like to go in. I work a full time at a job that takes far too much of my sanity  and realized I really need to focus this year on my photography. So be prepared….

Starting this Monday we will have daily content.

Monday’s Pick of the Week
–  I will feature an artist, an Etsy store…ectera that I chose for the week. There will be mini reviews as well.
Vintage Tuesday
– as a collector of vintage camera I thought this would be a great way to show case the photography I take with them and every month there will be a profile of a certain vintage camera from my collection.
Lomo Wednesday
-same as Tuesday but instead featuring photography taken with toy cameras and every month a profile of a specific toy camera I own.
Thursday Feature
– a select photo or photo shoot from my backlog.
Friday Picture of the week
– a favourite photo or photo shoot from that week. This at the moment will be my only current photography post as I have years of backlogged photos I’d love to share before going with my current work.
Saturday Book Review
– I love art books, especially modern artists who put there works into book form as its the most accessible way and a lovely medium I find. I have a great collection and would love to share and maybe give you an idea of what your next purchase at Chapters should be.
Self-Portrait Sunday
– a photo of myself, and my many changing hair colors and styles, and my more creepier art shoots.

I have a few craft blogs How To’s as well planned out so keep an eye out for those.

I’m really excited about the changes and hoping 2013 is starting on the right foot.

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