Pick of the Week: Valentine’s Day Addition

crankbunnyValentines Pick of the Week is: CrankBunny

Now you may think Valentines Day is far away, but today’s pick requires custom ordering and shipping so I thought I’d share a bit earlier. I have had my eye on these custom cards for a year now. I just missed out last year for Valentines Day but I’m all ready this year. I ordered mine and got them in less then 2 weeks.

The great thing with Crankbunny is there is more then just cards for Valentine’s Day, you can use them for any occaision and most of the cards are the same price as a nice card from a store anyways. I bought 1 for my boyfriend for Valentines, another for my friend’s birthday and a 3rd as a congratz card to my friend who is welcoming twins and got engaged. Even better is instead of using a default message you can create your own message. One reason why these cards stand out is they have unique designs you wouldn’t find anywhere else and gimmicks that are kinda amazing in my opinion.

I bought a golden ticket card, which you scratch the center of the card to reveal a message, and a ribcage heart card which has the same scratch center to reveal a message and the slot machine, which is my favourite. When you pull the slot machine lever, it gets a combo and a message pops out below (you can customize the combo as well, I went for 3 diamonds).

goldticketinsidegoldenticket skeletonheartskeletonheart slotmachinecard

Here is some of my favourites, just click on the pictures to get more details and be redirected to Crankbunny’s Etsy shop.
crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny crankbunny




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