Saturday Review : James Jean “Rebus”

rebusjamesjeanJames Jean: Rebus

Rebus, is an art book by James Jean showcasing his art work from 2001 to 2011 and 255 pages. For a lover of James Jean this is a must, and for anyone who wants to find a great contemporary artist I would suggest picking up this book. The artwork is shown on almost every page except a few heading pages dividing the years and a lot of thought has been put behind the proportional and amount of space the specific artwork takes on the pages. There are many cases where the artwork takes up both pages, however some work this leaves the character of the painting in the crease which is the only downside of Rebus that I found.  It goes in chronically order and gives the same amount of pages to each section of years meaning there is no time frame of his work skimmed over. It not only shows his paintings but his drawings, products, and gallery openings. The best thing about this book is that its all about the artwork, sometimes art book are too heavily weighed down by words and don’t showcase the art. Rebus does not have this issue, and is a great size, in my collection its the largest in terms of height and width. You couldn’t go wrong ordering Rebus and of all the James Jean products its my favourite.

Click below to check out photos of various pages of Rebus:


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