Pick of the Week: Gothic Lolita Wigs


Pick of the Week: Gothic Lolita Wigs

If you are ever in need of a wig (for Halloween or just life in general) I suggest Gothic Lolita Wigs. I’ve purchased 2 wigs from them, featured in the photos on this post and am in love with them. Its an online store that offers many varieties and colors for all kinds of uses. Don’t let the name fool you, there are wigs on there that don’t fall into a ‘gothic’ or ‘lolita’ category and your sure to fall in love with at least 1. I bought these both at separate times during sales, which happen quiet frequently. The shipping and packaging was very professional and quick and both times they add a wig cap for free. The wigs look exactly how they are described and the website includes very useful information about each wig, including temperatures you can apply, and the natural style (most photos they show do include styling). And if you look at the blog section, there is videos about storage, styling, how to put on, etcetera…very useful! As you can see my wigs are very similar, one is tad longer then the other one, both are very full in the front and back and the curls are fabulous.The one thing you’ll notice is that for a more ‘natural’ non wig look, you’d have to trim the bangs (they give you plenty of bangs to do this with). I haven’t done mine yet as I am a little scared but you’ll see shots on the website where the bangs have been styled and trimmed and honestly it looks amazing. Its a great way to add some color in your life, especially if your the type of person who wants colorful hair but not all the time. I’ve worn wigs before, usually the cheap ones you can get around Halloween and they always hurt my head or don’t fit, I didn’t have these experiences with these wigs. I feel like I could wear these all day long without having to adjust too much (the longest I’ve worn them was for 4 hours and didn’t adjust it at all), and with the wig cap I can hide my longer hair and it works great to hold the wig in place. I really don’t have anything bad to say about my experience with these wigs and really want to buy more. My photos do no include any styling, so the look is what you’d get straight out of the package (keep in mind I’ve handles these wigs a few times before these photos without brushing them in between).
Hope you enjoyed my pick of the week .

I’ve included two shots so you can see the wig from different angles.


My favourite wigs:

Classic-Powder-Pink__54926.1329599939.800.800 LC_PowderPinkBlue__56101.1337192030.800.800 Rhapsody_Pink_new__40538.1351541547.800.800 Classic-Deep-Pink__21269.1329607461.800.800

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