Vintage Tuesday: Review

This is my review for the camera: Sooter 35 F2


Sooter is a Japanese camera made in the 1970’s. It takes 35mm film and it is considered a toy camera for its minimalist options. This camera is nice to have for the shear fact it appears to be pretty rare (you will not find any information on google for this camera). However my honest opinion is this camera is not worth it. One roll of film in and the photos are okay but just not amazing. They are very dark for being taken in the middle of a bright summer day. There is light leaks and the film did get stuck a few times. I’ve included my first roll so you can have a look for yourself. If you find it for free or less then $5 buy the camera and try it out but it’s not worth much else. There are other vintage cameras or toy camera that will give you unique results, this is just a point and shoot camera 35mm film camera.

*click below to view all my photos taken with Sooter

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