Saturday Review “Photography by Man Ray”

manrayPhotographs by Man Ray: 105 Works, 1920-1934

So far I have been reviewing current art books by contemporary artist, however I thought I would change things up by reviewing a book about a classic artist, Man Ray. Man Ray is know for being a painter but as a photographer my interest in him is more his photography. He was an amazing, inventive photographer of his time. As a person who considers herself a surrealist or a dadaist photographer, Man Ray’s work speaks to me. This book showcases only his photography between the time frame of 1920 to 1934. It does an amazing job at showing all the types of  photography he did from experimental , portrait, nudes, still life, and after processing negatives. As well it adds some poetry and words written by himself and his contemporaries but just a few pages so there is plenty of art on display. And at the size of 9 by 12 inches this book is amazing at showing every last detail of each photograph. None of the classic photos are left out of this book. Its a great way to be introduce to surreal photography and when you consider what was happening at the time with photography you’ll realize how groundbreaking his pieces are. And if your a fan of Man Ray and never knew he did photography, this is great way to get introduced and for any surrealist or dadaist, its a MUST. Click below to see select pages of the book!


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