Saturday Review: Camilla d’Errico

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Camilla d’Errico: Femina & Fauna

Femina & Fauna is a 2011 art book by Camilla d’Errico, with 112 pages showcasing her mix of cute girls and animals. Camilla d’Errico is a Vancouver artist who has been around for a very long time, and even though there is many artists who have a similar style to hers, d’Errico always stands out above the others. She divides the book into paintings, black and white, and other works like toys and products. This for me is the only real mis-step she makes in the book, the section for products in very small only 8 pages, but its extremely bad taste. Toys and sculpture is a very modern way for artists to expand themselves nowadays, and that comes off well in art books. But products….that screams tacky to me, she doesn’t even dedicated the pages to just 1 product only but repetitive shots of the same pillows, metal wallets in 8 different prints,  and the same t shirt from 2 different angles each. It comes across as advertising and not even subversive good advertising. My reaction was that I had already bought the book, i didn’t need to be sold things. Overall all this book is great for any fan, it includes vibrant full pages images of her best known paintings, and if simply looking on her website is not enough then its for you. If you just like cute girls with animals – my suggestion is to buy her postcards (Chapters has them at a great price), not only can you simply use them as postcards but as mini-prints for framing or putting on your wall and you are getting the same quality, vibrant colors and almost the same pieces of art. For her next book I hope d’Errico decides not to make a cash grab and leave that her website or magazines. Hope you liked this review!

Check out images of select pages below:


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