Where I End and You Begin

lisamichelle (4), citizen erased, citizen erased photographyThis photo shoot is one of my favourites, its from 2007 which feels like a century ago. This beautiful lady is my friend Lisa-Michelle, she`s a fellow photographer and one of my favourite models. We love going on little adventures together and take photos of each other. She has taken really great photos of me even though I am not comfortable poising for other people`s photos. She probably has a nice collection of me making mean frown faces for that exact reason, lol. I am enjoying looking back at these photos, I hope you do too!

lisamichelle (2), citizen erased,lisamichelle (13), citizen erased, lisamichelle (6)lisamichelle (9), citizen erased, citizen erased photographylisamichelle (8), citizen erased photographylisamichelle (12), citizen erased,lisamichelle (10), lisamichelle (5), citizen erased, lisamichelle (11), citizen erased photographyI hope you’ve enjoy these photos. I have a lot of older photos taken of Lisa-Michelle so she’s reappear again at some point. I enjoy doing these Thursday Flashbacks to previous photo shoots I’ve done in the past. I haven’t had much chance in the last few years to do more for Citizen Erased Photography. I am pretty shy, and since moving to Montreal without my usual friends around to rope into photoshoots I’m at a lose of who to take photos of. I’m really hoping to get some people to model for me this year as it’d be great to show you more current portrait photography (beside my cat, lol)


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