Saturday Review: Hi-Fructose Volume I

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 Hi-Fructose: Volume I

Hi-Fructose Volume 1 is a 256 page hard covered collection of the magazine’s volumes 1-4 at $35. It showcases “an eclectic mix of underground artists, pop surrealists, emerging and rediscovered countercultures, and awe-inspiring spectacles from around the world”. The book is a compilation and a ‘best of’ with 52 artists featured like Jeff Soto, Ray Caesar, Mark Ryden, Junko Mizuno, and Space Invader. Now that we got that outta the way, let us start with what I like about this collection from Hi-Fructose. The faithful translation from magazine to book is done wonderfully, for the first 4 additions I only own 1 of them; but quickly comparing what’s in the collection book and what’s in the magazine it appears to me almost identical. Even better without ad space and the usual structure magazines takes. The collection seems an improvement in flow and just in general the reading or flipping through experience. From my understand of their term “best of” it does mean maybe certain articles or not all images made it into the book but they aren’t missed when artist’s work is even bigger or spanning the whole page not just a section. It easy comes across as an art book more than a magazine. Sure there is the same articles featured from the magazine (and if you hadn’t notice in my previous reviews I don’t like too many words in my art books) but the images are so large is dwarfs the print and makes is secondary. I absolutely love it. It is amazing read and great to just flip through, especially when you keep in mind 99% of these artists don’t have their own art books for you to enjoy. And being able to enjoy the hardcover and not trying to keep you magazine volumes in pristine collection is another improvement in my opinion. As well for those of us to live in areas where getting magazines like Hi-Fructose is not always possible or easy, it’s a great way to enjoy their content. Even better they throw in a few perks for you too. I got both this and Volume 2 at the same time so I don’t remember anymore which perk went with what book but I got a set of stickers, a postcard from select artists. The real only negative I could think about this book is that since it’s a collection of a variety of artists, you may not enjoy every one, or agree with how much room certain artists get over your favourite one and minor issues like that. Purchasing only select volumes would really only be the other alternative but at the price the collection is a better deal to just buy it and even though Hi-Fructose does sell previous volumes in their store, the older more sought after ones are often sold out.
In my opinion, if you are into pop surrealism and modern art movements it would be a great addition to your reading list. You will have fun flicking through it and reading the interviews with the artists, especially since you will save yourself from having to seeing all the advertisements that go hand in hand with magazine publications.

For more information about Hi-Fructose magazine click: here!

Below are select pages from the book:


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