Lomography Wednesday

Yesterday I went for a really nice walk around my new neighborhood and toke along my Diana F+ lens hooked up to its adapter so I could take photos with my NikonD700. I have shown you some photos from a month ago using the Diana lens with Holga Close Up lens so I thought I should just try it on its own. And its really fun. The focus of it is very soft and very hard to judge so I definitely need to practice with it more but a few of the shots I really liked. It has this 70’s film feel aura about them. I miss the square format when I use either the Diana F+ or Holga lens adapters for digital cameras so afterwards I tried to edit them into being squares, and they looked okay but I think what I really miss is the unique light leaks and the darkening around the edges. I am hoping to take enough photos with each lens and do a comparison for you guys between both the Holga lens and the Diana lens for Nikon as well as to the real thing.
Here are some photos from my walk.

diana f+ (10)diana f+ (6)diana f+ (5)diana f+ (17)diana f+ (8)diana f+ (12)diana f+ (14)diana f+ (13)I really love the area I live in now, its really close to the harbour so in a few minutes I can get to this really wierd looking part of town but still have the 1800’s churchs and buildings near by as well.  It will be so fun to explore in warmer weather.

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