Saturday Review: James Jean “Rift”

rift, james jean, citizen erasedRift is an accordion-style book that shows off the unique artwork of James Jean, the Taiwanese American visual artist. It’s accordion aspect allows you to bend and fold the book as your want to create different images, or you can lay it out complete and get two large panoramic art printa (double sided, one in color and the other black and white). Its an interesting experience and its a lot of fun to flip through. I really like when artist do stuff outside of the box and experiment and he uses this simple idea very well. I think this is a really lovely way to showcase his art, its works effectively and is very fun. The book is very affordable to make up for the fact that in the end you really are only getting two separate panoramic prints.  I enjoyed it and have pulled it out on many occasions to play around with the scenes.

Check out below for a more detailed look at Rift, and this video shows all the differend possiblities you can do (here):


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