Saturday Review: Camille Rose Garcia “Tragic Kingdom”

Tragic Kingdom (1), camille rose garcia Tragic Kingdom: The Art of Camille Rose Garcia

Tragic Kingdom is a 131 pages art book by Camille Rose Garcia, a LA based pop surrealist and lowbrow artist. It chronicles her artwork from 2000 to 2006 and has a illustration chronology as well as 4 separate introductions by Susan Landaver, Daniel Keegan, Doug Harver and Carlo McCormick.  The introductions are the usual art critic fodder, I find these really useless for enjoying the art contained in any given book and usually just give a quick read or skip. I’d rather have a book without these  introductions, but it harmless to skip through them. So those aside this is a solid book and covers a large amount of Rose Garcia’s work through the years and contains paintings, prints, drawings, and sketches. Out of all her available art books, this one has the largest body of work and is very thorough and covers the broadest range of her work. Camille Rose Garcia work focuses on “everyday violence that supports the current power structure” with the mixer of her childhood spent near Disneyland. Her artwork is very dark yet contain cartoon imagery and does a phenomenal job at combining these opposites aspects of life together seamlessly to create a unique art form of lowbrow. Not to mention the color scheme, unique and filled with whimsy yet creates such a creepy tone. I adore her artwork and love this book, its massive, the dimensions are 27.9  x 35.5 cm and its the largest book I have on my shelves. I love that about it, such a great way to digest art. The layout is very well thought out and I love the see through sketches pages, I have another art book that contains these and for some reason I just love this inclusion. The illustration chronology is very insightful and cute and I loved reading and learning more about Camille Rose Garcia in this way. Very informative and its done in such a great way. Tragic Kingdom was an amazing few hours spent flipping through and her artwork is the type that even after repeat viewing I still find some new emotion or character lurking in the background. I was over joyed when I got this in the mail having had limited exposure to her artwork and its probably one of my favourite art books. I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think of Tragic Kingdom in the comments.

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