Pick of the Week: Hanaletters

hannalettersPick of the Week: Hanaletters

Hanaletters or Hanako is a Etsy store that creates “wearable felt portraits of imaginary dolls” done by artist Alian Bunaciu. She makes brooches with whimsical and delightful characters in the portrait style. I adore her style and these brooches are very cute and wearable on all types of outfits and most importantly her style is super unique. I’ve order two separate brooch pairs from her and am so happy with them. My favourite are the bears because the colors go so well with my teal dress, I think I will leave them permanently on the collar. I am really excited to grab more, with so many different doll portraits to choose from it can be very hard, lol to choose. She also runs a blog that shows off the brooches and her making them, here.

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Here is a look at my favourite items:



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