Self-Portrait Sunday

citizen_erased (4)

Have so many plans for this weekend.¬† Started with a really long walk on Saturday and hoping to take another walk later today. Walking¬† around the neighborhood and exploring buildings. Me and Victor are trying to find deserted buildings or factories to explore so we are canvasing our area. These shots were taken this week, as you’ll notice since my hair is new! I just had to show off my half green (with a bit of blended yellow) and half turquoise hair. The half blue and pink was getting faded and boring, so happy with the new look. Haven’t had a chance to take a fancy self-portrait but couldn’t wait to show you guys :)

citizen_erased (1), self-portrait, citizen erased photographythis was taken on Saturday when we found this old door from the 1800’s that was attached to almost completely torn down stone wall.

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