Vintage Tuesday

kodak dualflex (8) (1024x963)A look at my neighborhood in downtown Montreal through the eyes of the Kodak Dualflex. I love this vintage camera, its so fun taking it around and trying to find interesting shots through the viewfinder. Me and Victor really enjoy walking around during the weekends and this past Sunday the weather was so perfect, both of us didn’t even have to wear jackets. I’m getting so excited to take this guy around more. Hope you are having a great start to your week.

kodak dualflex (3) (1024x1024)kodak dualflex (5) (1024x1024)kodak dualflex (6), citizen erasedkodak dualflex (2) (1024x1024)kodak dualflex (1) (1024x1024)citizen erased photography, citizen erasedI just love how these turned out. They have just a great feeling to them and it really does look that they were taken with film. I haven’t had the time to convert any film yet for this guy. Its hard resisting taking photos from the viewfinder as its just such an easy process in the meantime. And like I’ve done in the past a little behind the scene shots of the whole camera instead of the cropped version.

kodak dualflex (7) (1024x678)

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Tuesday

  1. Hey, I was looking for a way to take pictures that looked like they were retro 50’s or 60’s. These are just the thing. I’m definitely going to look into purchacing one of these cameras. Thanks for the insight. I do have one question though, do you recommend any special camera from the 50’s or 60’s that will give me the same effect? Thanks

    1. Unsure if you want to take photos through the viewfinder or shoot with film with the cameras but for viewfinder photography I use the Kodak Dualflex. Out of all the viewdfinder style cameras I have from the 1960/50s it has the largest and brightest viewfinder so it works perfect. It was also a really common camera so it’s easy to find cheap ($20). If you mean to take film photos with let me know as I’d have to ponder on that longer :)

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