365 Challenge – April

Another round of my 365 challenge for April! Its my first full month and I’m really loving it. There is a lot of cat photos getting in there but I cannot resist. I’ve started taking so many photos on a daily basis its great. It is so much fun going through them deciding which one will make it (I do put two up on occasion). If you want to see them daily,  subscribe to my tumblr for the project as I put up each photo on the day I toke it. Like I did last month, I’ll share my favourite 5 with the gallery below of all the photos.

Top 5:  365 challenge, citizen erased, ctizien erased photography

33/365 Postcards about to be mailed

365 (35) 35/365 Victor on the first walk of our new neighborhood

365 (42) 42/365 Butter through my vintage Anscoflex camera

365 (47) (1024x678) 47/365  Artist for Animal Fundraiser

365 (53) (1024x678)53/365 Jacques Cartier Bridge at dusk.

For more, check out March’s 365 Challenge!

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