Saturday Review: Tara McPherson “Lonely Heart”

lonelyheartsLonely Heart by Tara McPherson

Tara Mcpherson’s first book “Lonely Heart” from 2006 shows us her illustrations, comics, silkscreen posters, and personal art. The hardcover 119 page book captures her beautiful artwork which explores the idea of sexuality, emotions and relationships. The one thing I love most about her illustrations is that she is always fearless and bold and isn’t afraid of showing us confident and strong women. Her work often explores relationships and frequently she uses the image of women/men with their heart removed in a very creative way of an actual shape of heart being removed from their body. I find her use of this imagery as very effective and grapping. Her pieces are very captivating to look at and her use of sketch paper to show her outlines of her illustrations is very innovative. I love the inclusion of this type of material in her art book. Lonely Heart also shows a lot of her silkscreen posters that she has made for a number of rock and indie bands like Green Day, Beck, Liars and others. I absolutely love her posters and I was introduced to her work by them. They are probably my favourite tour posters I have come across. I would be delighted if I could find one to hang on my wall (having the book must do sadly as they usually are for shows in the US) and it helps that she makes them for really great bands. Her work is very modern and feels at home with current surrealist and lowbrow artists, with its mixture of dark and sweet (slightly gothic approach). It’s definitely a good book to flip through and out of her 3 current books it is my favourite. Good for fans or anyone who likes their art with a bit of darkness and bubble gum sweet.


 Click below of images of the book:


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