Lomogoraphy Wednesday

I’ve really been missing my friends. In a month it will mark 4 years since I moved from Vancouver to Montreal and even though I don’t regret it and have meet the most amazing people here its really tough sometimes being on the other side of the country from my best friend (and all my other friends too). I’ve only had the change to visit once since moving out here 2 years ago and was looking through the photos of that trip and thought I’d just have to share. I had only brought with me my DSLR and my Oktomat camera. I was trying to find cools ways to take sequence shots so in my friend’s backyard after a party I held I lined up everybody and tried to basically go down the line as fast as I could.  Here are the results, they are really funny even if they aren’t the best photos ever (I actually stopped taking a lot of photos after this trip because I realized how poor the results were).

Oktomat (1) Oktomat (6)Oktomat (5) Oktomat (7) Oktomat (9) Oktomat (12)My friends are so funny. I can’t actually believe they actually manged to pose that many times for me. I actually toke photos of them flipping their hair up with my DSLR, and they are even more hilarious. Hope your having a great Wednesday. It’s really made me happy looking back at these.

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