Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.

citizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotography

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil is a set of photos taken back in 2009 when I lived in Vancouver of my friend and room-mate at the time Sarah. She was one of the first people who let me make a mask of her face and posed specifically for the mask project (half of them are made with photos I’ve taken but not with the intention of making a mask). Her mask turned out far more surreal then I had expecting and I love the extra eyes. After I made the mask she posed wearing it and I love the results. She just so beautiful, it’s a shame in most of these photos her face is covered. I think my list of people I want to do more photo shoots with is getting super long. I am going back to Vancouver this summer so who knows.


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