What I Wore: Rockabilly

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  What I Wore :

Dress: Old Navy
Bag: Cambride Satchel Company
Leopard print sweater: H&M
Tights: Mod Cloth
Shoes: Yellow
Head wrap: Free gift from ModCloth
Bracelet: Romwe
Belt: asianicandy
Custom pin of Butter’s face: Mel Stringer
Camera pin and necklace: random stores in Toronto’s Kensington Market

I wore this outfit on Saturday, and decided basically to wear a lot of blue and try to make it have rockabilly flare to match my barrel roll hair-do. This is my first time trying to do a barrel roll and I’m pretty happy with the results! I am doing a photo shoot on Monday and will be doing the model’s hair in a rockabilly style so I thought I needed some practice. My first time taking What I Wore pictures went really well, I enlisted the help of Victor to stand in front of the camera on the tripod so I could frame and setup the exposure for each shot and that worked great. We went to this vieux alleyway a few blocks from our house, and basically were stared at by an old lady the whole time, saw two girls sleeping in the park right beside where we were taking photos as well as homeless guys shouting.  Next time I think I’ll trying to go somewhere different, lol. I’m happy with the shots but know the more I take them the more they will improve. Its nice capturing my outfits, and I hope to do more (and trust me these are the best, I looked terrified in most of them).

a cute shot of me and Victor posing together

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