Pick of the Week: Lindsay Campbell

lindsay campbell

Pick of the Week: Lindsay Campbell

Lindsay Campbell is an artist from Montreal that I found out about through the Artist for Animals exhibit (still happening in Montreal at L`Entree des Artistes). Her work is vibrant, beautiful, frequently haunting, and sometimes just plain cute. Her work is delightful and her incorporation of animals in her work will speak to anyone who is a fan of four-legged friends. I`m beyond excited to have 3 prints of her work and have them hanging them in my studio space. If you are more interested in seeing her work in person you should check out the exhibit still going on, she does have a print available to purchase through the Artist for Animals website as well, here.

For more informaiton about Lindsay Campbell or to see more of her artwork, check out her website .

lindsay campbell (1)lindsay campbell (2)lindsay campbell (4)*I wanted to get these frames and up in my studio this weekend but haven`t had the chance.


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