Vintage Tuesday

anscoflex (2)anscoflex
For today I wanted to share some shots of one of my newest vintage cameras, meet Anscoflex! Anscoflex was made by the company Ansco in early 1950’s and is a metal fake TLR designed by Raymond Loewy who was an industrial designer. I bought him because of his lovely art deco style and unusual color, and for the fact that a well known designer created the camera design (which isn’t really the norm). Its a very strange but wonderful camera, and I love how the case for it is a same green color but with shocking red inside to match the red button on the camera. I was very pleased to find this camera with the original case, flash and even in a official Ansco leather case that it came in. I cannot wait to test him out, in the meantime enjoy the photos of his design.

anscoflex (3)anscoflex (4)

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