365 Challenge: May

Another month of my 365 Challenge has come and gone, if you missed the previous months you can check you March and April or for daily updates my Tumblr. This month seems to be dominated by plant photos which is very fitting for May. We`ve been having a lot of rain so its hard to keep ontop of taking a photo every day when I spend most of my day inside or at work. I am hoping as soon as the rainy season is over I will be able to take my camera with me so I can capture more of Montreal to show you guys. I am really excited to get out of Montreal as well in the next few months.

TOP 5:

365 (59)59 Butter standing ontop of postcards

365 (64)64 The vines start to grow in the balcony

365 (69)69 Bought herbs to start the herb garden in the kitchen

365 (73)73 Double exposure of Victor with the festival balls going down St-Catherine St.
365 (83) (1024x1024)83 My new purple walls and camera stand


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