Lomography Wednesday

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad_qPdvJPfw&feature=youtu.be”]
I’ve never used my LomoKino camera before now even though I’ve had it for 6 months so this summer is the summer of mini-movies! It takes 35 film and makes roughly 90 second length of film. My first attempt was taken at the Mutek weekend of Piknic Electronic Festival of random scenes that I liked. For those of you not in Montreal, Piknic Electronic is an electronic music festival that takes place every Sunday all summer. San Proper was playing and I love his live set, it was a great day and I was really excited to try out LomoKino.

lomokino*this is how it looks when I scan the film, it’s a long process but I’m happy with my first round of LomoKino

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