Monthly DIY: Hanging Memories

hanging memories

I’ve been waiting to decorating my new office since moving and now that I have my light purple walls I finally can. I have so many pieces of artwork from talented artist to hang up there however I want to frame all the pieces before I do which will take awhile. Instead I wanted to work on another section of my wall. I collect so many bits and bobs but struggle to have them out in the open so I can see them and be inspired, and that’s were the inspiration for this project came from. I do not like cork board from previous experience and my old old house had a chalk board (it takes a lot of time and is very messy) so I wanted to try something new.  A hanging memories organizer seemed like a great way to show off my bits and bobs in a way that is easy to organize and easy to change out pieces when I get new inspiration or photos. It also allows me the freedom of choosing what to hang, memories, photography, art, business cards, presents, notes, lists…you can really use it for anything.

What you need :hanging memories (1)

  1. Ruler, marker, scissors
  2. Thread
    (ribbon, yarn, fishing wire)
  3. Hooks
    (a few types shown but I will being using the circle ones)
  4. Paper clips
    (metal/plastic clips)
  5. Hammer and nail
  6. Memories

*Decorate your own paper clips!
*Metal and plastic clips are much rougher on your photos/bits and bobs, be careful and test out before.

Time & Cost:

10 minutes, and roughly $5-10 depending on what you have at home.


  1. Take your ruler and mark on your wall where you want the first hook to be, then line up the 2nd mark using the ruler or level.hangingmemories
  2. Next take the nail and hammer and make a hole where the mark is for each end.
  3. Screw in hook.
    *I suggest using any of the type I’ve shown as they all screw into the wall and make it very secure and able to withhold the weight of the objects you will be hanging
    *hook aesthetic: you can grab hooks in lots of colors, or even just paint the same color as your wall for easy blend. If you are using thread is you can wrap the thread around the hook and cover it up.
  4. Now measure out the thread and make sure to securely fashioned to both hooks, do several knots.
    *for a stronger line, run the thread twice so it’s not a single line.
    *fishing wiring is great if you want the string to be invisible

    *the thread  can hang or be straight or you can make a pattern like a zigzag, whichever looks best for you.hangingmemories
  5. Now take your clips and place them on the line with your memories and bits and bobs.
    *staggering smaller and bigger pieces makes an interesting visual for the eye.
    *fun clips add an extra pop to your memory wall, the ones I’m using have wooden animals on them and butterflies in nice subtle colors (I bought them from Dollarama, $1 for 10)
    hanging memories (2)hanging memories (3)hanging memorieshanging memories (2)

I love this project and loved how my wall turned out, I am thinking of adding a 3rd line below!  Its great because I can switch out new pieces with old ones whenever I want to and it’s super easy. There is so many other ways you can use it as well, from creating an area for notes (great if you work at home or have kids) or to show off your photography. I’ve seen this project done with Instagram photos but you can easy do it to show off your film photography from instant film to square Holga photos. There is really no limit and there are so many variations you can do with the clips and the string, it can look completely different from kid friendly like my animal clips to modern, rustic or minimalist all with your choices of materials. Its super easy to make and decorative, practical and fun is a great combo. Hope you liked my DIY, if you have any questions or do this DIY let me know by commenting below or by email.


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