Lomography Wednesday

holga macro lens (1024x678)

An Intro to Holga Macro Lens:

I spent some time last week taking photos of one of my neighbor’s flower pots with my Nikon D7000 and Holga macro lens. I love the combination of the toy camera lens and the quality of my DSLR. The macro lens are suppose to be used with Holga camera but what I do is hold them in front of my Nikon lens and change the distance to over 35. The lens are not the same size and changing the focus distance will remove the bullet eye look – h    owever I will show you a few of the bullet eye shots because they are kinda neat. The lens allows me to get a good macro effect without needing an expensive macro lens, as well  it can be used on other toy cameras or vintage cameras. I don’t usually use it on my Holga lens because without a proper viewfinder it’s impossible to know what shot you are getting and measuring out the distance and amount of light available is tricky.  I simply hold my lens in front manually and haven’t created a harness (perhaps I will do a DIY for that). The only downside is my hands get tired easily and manual focusing is hard to do while holding the lens.

holga macro lens (6) (1024x678)holga macro lens (11) (678x1024)holga macro lens (18) (678x1024)holga macro holga macro holga macro lens (19) (678x1024)holga macro lens (9) (678x1024)holga macro

Bullet View:
holga macro lens (8) (1024x678)holga macro lens (7) (1024x678)holga macro lens (1) (1024x678)a quick video that shows how the Holga lens select focusing:

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcGIQWaGQ0I”]

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