Pick of the Week: Crazy Factory

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Pick of the Week: Crazy Factory

Crazy Factory is an online store for purchasing any kind of piercing accessories from labret balls to tunnels and anything in between. I found out about the store last summer after my facial labret piercings had healed and I was looking to get some more balls for the ends. Buying piercings locally in Montreal is always insanely expensive, even when I find a place that offer deals so I was really excited to find a store that was extremely affordable and with variety. Most of the balls I’ve bought range from $0.30 to $2 and the plugs for my ears are $1-$4. I’ve never had a problem with the size being incorrect and the one time they made a mistake on my order they allowed me to keep the wrong items and shipped for free the correct items. Plus the customer service person was extremely nice and the respond was very quick. I’ve order from them 3 separate times and  have been happy with all my items, also I love that you can get free shipping and received my items within a few weeks. I sometimes get allergic reactions to metal so I only buy plastic, tone, organic or titanium items so I haven’t used any stainless steel items.  Roughly the cost of the items in the photos are $30-$40 which is normally the price I get 2 sets of plugs. I love this store and recommend Crazy Factory if your are looking for piercing accessories just make sure you know the sizes you need and what materials work well for your body.

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  1. Hello!

    I was looking at jewelry as i am a big fan of piercings and stuff like that so i ran into your blog and read some of the themes you have posted. First, could i ask you, if you please, is “Citizen Erased” like another name you use? How did you come up with it? It is very unique!

    Secondly, i read a post/theme you have put back in May 19, 2016 named “Multiple Exposure: I lost myself” and then under a picture you write “I lost myself, I lost myself, you can’t see how, because I am just a cloud”. It is also unique. How did you come up with that one, too?

    Very interesting blog! Thank you!

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