Lomography Wednesday: Diana F SLR Lens Adaptor Review

diana f+ adapter nikon, Diana F SLR Lens AdaptorDiana F+ SLR Lens Adaptor Review

The Diana F + SLR Lens Adaptor is available for both Nikon and Canon style mounts and allows you to attach a Diana lens to any SLR camera with the corresponding mount type. Its ranges around $10-15 however unlike the Holga version it does not come with the lens itself which means you will also need to own a Diana F+ camera as it is merely a mount. I didn’t realize this myself having purchased the Holga adapter a few months before and actually had this mount sitting around for 7 months before I finally picked up a Diana F+ camera. I will be doing a comparison review of the Diana adaptor and the Holga adaptor at a later time, so look out for that. I haven’t bought any of the additional lens that you can buy for Diana so this is just using the regular Diana F+ lens ( I may pick up a Fish Eye lens at some point).  The best way to show you the effect of a Diana lens is showing you a shot from the same spots with my Nikon 18-55 lens and then with the Diana adapter and lens:

diana f+ adapter (2)diana f+ adapter, Diana F SLR Lens Adaptordiana adapter (1)diana adapter (2)diana f+ adapter (3)diana f+ adapter (4), Diana F SLR Lens Adaptor


The first thing that struck me about the Diana F+ adapter is how poorly it was made, it does not make a secure bond with the camera and you will catch yourself unscrewing it or it falling off quiet frequently. This is due in part to the fact that the Diana F+ lens requires you to twist the end of the lens to change focusing distance and the adapter was not built with this is mind. It is also due to the fact you have to twist the Diana F+ lens onto the adapter and then twist the adapter onto the Nikon mount.  So what happens is when you are changing focus distance with it you often notice that the adapter gets twisted off of the Nikon mount. It can be quiet distracting having to be conscious that your lens can come unscrewed from the mount at any time. Another downside is that if you want the classic Diana look, you will have to manually convert all your shots into square images. As someone who is use to seeing Holga and Diana shots in the square format I find it looks odd to be a full shot. However the great advantage with the adapter is you can attach it to a DSLR which means you have unlimited shots and it can save you a lot of money not having to buy film or developing cost. I was disappointed that this adapter was not a stand alone product and required you to already own a Diana F+ camera, as a Holga girl myself I was excited to try the Diana F+ lens and compare it to the Holga to get an idea of the different between the camera without having to buy an actual Diana F+ camera. The adapter can be used with other Diana F+ lens, like Fish Eye which is nice as it makes the adapter more versatile. Those additional lens are quiet expensive though ranging around the $25-$45. All in all I really like being able to use my Diana lens with my Nikon as it gives more versatility and the option to preview my shots without having to worry about wasting film, and it can make really cool effects. The shots look they were taken from the cameras everyone had in their house before we all turned digital, the $100 automatic film cameras of the 90’s and early 2000s. Its a nogasgic look and its its fun to play around with. But it doesn’t really feel like the shots you can achieve when you have Diana camera in your hand and 120 film to shoot on. Its more than the large format and the fact that it wasn’t taken with film, I find something missing but at the same time…I still bring my adapter along with me to takes photos as I enjoy the results. I’d say if you already got the Diana F+ camera and wanted to try it out on your SLR camera, then its worth the $15 you will pay for it. Otherwise I’d say maybe just trying a film camera instead – it will be more rewarding.

12 Diana F+ Adapter Shots:


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