Saturday Review “Duchamp”

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Duchamp by Jose Maria Faerna

Duchamp by Jose Maria Faerna is a 64 pages hard-covered book that covers Duchamp’s art throughout his life. It’s apart of Edicones Poligrafa’s collection of books about various turn of the century artists. This is more of academic book that the other art books I usually review and the reason I chose this is because really enjoyed going through this book and there not many good art books about avant-garde artists of his day. As well this was before the norm of artists creating books of their own work and most would usually create a publication or magazine about their thoughts on art instead. As someone who was only aware of his readymades this book goes into great details about his earlier work and the build up to his life’s work. The book is very informative and structured in a way that does not come across as dull or over saturated with facts. He switched from many movements and was always expand his personal definition of what art should be and the book covers all aspects of his artwork and shows his natural progression. The images in this book are what impressed me the most, I have quiet a few books about dadaists and earlier avant-garde movements and usually they are focused solely on text so this one of the few times I’ve seen of Duchamp’s work outside of the readymades I’ve seen in museums and art history classes. The photography of his work is very well done in the book and the layout works great. There is a focus on making the images as large as possible which serves his art well as it is very large in person and usually suited to be viewed that way. Of the various movements that Duchamp went through in his life, none is over looked in this book and they do a thoroughal job at showing the complete body of his work. This book may be hard to get as it has been around for awhile, however I highly suggest if you are interested in earlier 1900’s art and the creation of modern art or looking into cubist, surrealist, dadasist and conceptual art at the time that this is good book to pick up and it does a great job at showing Duchamp’s art. (I got mine for $5 at a used book store)

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