Self Portrait Sunday

citizen erased photographyI love being able to change to my hair, and I’m really excited about my next color. For the summer I think I’ll have various shades of pink but for right now I’ve gotten rid of the all the previous colors to make it blond. I had to bleach my hair twice, as blue and green hair dye are the worst to get rid of (I suggest to go straight into a purple or a shade that will look good with blue undertones instead as bleaching it that much is NOT healthy). Now that my hair is kinda blond I am going to try and tone it to be whiter in color before making sections of it pink. My friend’s wedding is coming up in July and I want to have pale pink and white hair for that so it’s not so loud. It is refreshing to see myself with my natural shade of hair color instead of a crazy color but blond is so boring after a week, lol. I’ve been waiting at least a week to do the 3rd bleaching and get ride of all the green and yellow. Cannot wait for it to be white! These self portrait were taken on a walk over the bridge by my house last weekend.


Oh I had to throw this in there, while bleaching my hair the first time I made my hair into little buns. I wish I could do this all the time!
self portrait

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