Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

mel stringer (22)Pick of the Week: Mel Stringer

Girliepains is an Etsy store by illustrator and visual artist Mel Stringer from Brisbane, Australia.  She illustrates delightful drawings of women and offers a variety of goodies at her Etsy store and the store on her website (here).  The last time I featured her work was when I received my custom made pin of my cat Butter, which was so cute that I had to get more of her work.  I thought it’d be lovely to show off the illustration work she does as last time it was just the pin so I made her work a pick of the week for a second time.  I’ve gotten two orders from her’s of postcards, stickers and my personal fav a coloring book. Everything is very high quality and I am so delighted by her work, it is even more colorful and playful in person. She is so kind as well and takes lot of care with her packages sending extra stickers and the last one I even got a little b&w zine and a heart lollipop along with what I had purchased.  Below I’ve included shots of what I received with both packages along with a closer look at the zine and coloring book. I am hoping to have her do a commission of me and Butter done perhaps this year as that’d be most delightful. If you wish to check out just her artwork check out her website!

mel stringer (2) mel stringer (4) a closer look at zine and the coloring book:
mel stringer (14)
mel stringer (10)

my favourite items from her shop:


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