Lomography Wednesday

Disderi Robot Camera (3) (1024x693)

I’ve been waiting for the summer to try out one of my newest toy cameras the Disderi Robot camera, and finally a few weeks ago I started taking it around with me and Victor on our weekend adventures and walks around Montreal.  I  just got back the film last week and am so pleased with the results. The photos for today are from June when me and Victor walked around downtown Montreal and went to Mural Festival. The shots are sooo cool, I love the 3 lens effect and how the top shot is full width. It takes really good photos, I’m suprised so many shots turned out well. I am in love, and have already put in another roll and started shooting. For my upcoming trip to Vancouver I am going to bring my robot camera with me and take so many photos with it. If you interested at all in multi-shot cameras, this guy is cute and only $8 with free shipping if you look on Ebay. Hope you enjoy the fun three-lens result.

Disderi Robot Camera (2) (1024x690)Disderi Robot Camera (13) (1024x698)Disderi Robot Camera (14) (1024x698)Disderi Robot Camera (4) (1024x701)Disderi Robot Disderi Robot Camera (18) (1024x702)Disderi Robot Camera (8) (701x1024)Disderi Robot Camera (47) (698x1024)


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