Popsicle of the Week: Mango & Peach

popsicle of the weekI wanted to make really simple juice popsicles for this popsicle of the week and why not use my favourite juice, mango and peach nectar. I’m a sucker for all things peach or mango flavoured and nectar juice is always in our house. I thought I’d share 3 different recipes as each only has a few ingredients and take almost no time at all to put together. Each recipe is for 5 popsicles but for all of them I just pour the juice form the container straight into the mold, so no measure really required. Hope you like these simple recipes, and let me know in the comments if you’ve tried making them !

Ingredients: mango peach popscile

  • 1 mango
  • 1 peach
  • 1/4 cup of yogurt
    *vanilla or plain yogurt
    *i use natural yogurt
  • Nectar peach & mango juice
    *any brandTime:  10 minutes prep time, 5hours in freezer

Prep Steps:

  1. Wash the peach and cut into small cubes
    *if you don’t like peel you can remove with a peeler
    *i was making a 2nd round of popsicles later so I cut up two peaches, you only need 1
    mango peach popscile (1)mango peach popscile (2)
  2. Wash and cup mango. I like to cut lager cuts from the side and make this grid and then flip the skin inside out to make cubes.
    mango peach popscile (3)mango peach popscile (4)

Mango w/ chunks

mango popsicle


  1. Now you will fill the mold with the mango nectar 75% full.
    mango peach popscile (6)mango peach popscile (7)
  2. Now, add mango chunks to the nectar.
    mango peach popscile (5)mango peach popscile (8)

Peaches & Cream
mango peach popsicle (5)


  1. Fill the mold 65% full with peach nectar
    mango peach popscile (9)
  2. Put peach chunks into molds
    mango peach popscile (5)mango peach popscile (10)
  3. Make ‘cream’ mixture. I used plain yogurt so I add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon of honey
    *if you use vanilla yogurt, add in extra vanilla
    mango peach popscile (11)mango peach popscile (12)
  4. Put ‘cream’ mixture on top of the peach nectar
    mango peach popscile (13)mango peach popscile (14)
  5. To make the cream mixture go more into the popsicle put in chopstick and swirl in a circular motion
    *i use a chop stick but anything will work
    mango peach popscile (15)mango peach popscile (16)
  6. Clean the top and put in the popsicles sticks
    mango peach popscile (17)
  7. Put in freezer for 5 hours.

Mango & Peach

mango peach popsicle (3)Steps:

  1. Add mango nectar to mold filling 25%. Then put in freezer for 45min
    mango peach popsiclepeach mango popsicles (2)
  2. Add peach nectar to fill mold to half way point. Put in freezer for 45min
    *if you are using a mold like mine this is when you will want to add the popsicles sticks, make sure to stick in well so they will be center. You will not being using the lid.
    peach mango popsicles (3)peach mango popsicles (1)
  3. Add mango nectar until mold is 75% full. Then put in freezer for 45min.
  4. Add nectar nectar and fill up mold to the top.
    *if you have a mold where the stickers are attached to the lid, insert now, you will have to dig in a bit but it will freeze again.
  5. Then put in freezer for another 2 hours.

Final Thoughts:

I love these popsicles, each one of them is different and the nectar juice mixed with fresh fruit is really wonderful. The mango and peach swirl is too close in color to really ‘pop’ but they are amazing. I found them a little more tricky to make but I also made them in the middle of heat wave – so that may have contributed to some of my frustration. I don’t think I’ll try to make juice layers again as it’s tricky to do, and on the other hand super simple to do with fruits and yogurt. I think out of the three if there was one I’d recommend you make the most is the mango nectar with mango chunks – the best juice popsicle I’ve had in a long time.

mango peach popsicle (4)


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