Love looks away in the harsh light of day…

citizen erased photography (5), portrait photography

A look back at few classic portraits in my collection, these were shot in 2008 with model and photography Lisa-Michelle. I cherise this set of photos, we had a much needed adventure near her house and spent a few hours getting shots of each other. We have an amazing photo shoot planned for next week when I visit Vancouver – it should be really fun not only to see Michelle but to get the chance to take photos of her. She is very lovely and great at being a model, I wish I could say the same for me. Poor Michelle has to deal with the fact I hate smiling in photos and…lets just say I make the worst model. I promised her I’d pratice before coming out (lets just say I haven’t but I’m confident I can at least not look angry in every shot). When I do photo shoots I love it just being a hang out and just let everything progress naturally. It always works best with Michelle because we both are photographers so we both think about the shoots and know what the other one is trying to accomplish with a shot. I am very excited for next week and promise a sneak peak in my 365 photo a day project. Enjoy her beauty in the meantime!

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