Summer Days in Montreal

Summer in Montreal is one of the reasons I love living here so much. Me and Victor have been going on our usual walks, and since I’ve been getting weekends away from the call center we’ve been enjoying festivals together. This is a typical weekend day in Montreal during the summer for me and Victor:

summer in montreal (2)
The corner of Beaudry and St. Catherine where we live. It’s a small show from the Cirque Festival. We headed straight to our favourite patio resturant on St. Catherine for a fish burgergrumman 78
The Just for Laughes Festival was on it’s first day so most of the stuff was just being setup, however the food truckers were out in full force. Montreal until this summer had a ban on food truck’s so me and Victor were very excited to check them out. summer in montreal (16)Taco Porc Banh Misummer in montreal (18)My favourite truck, we didn’t try anythimg from here but I’ll be tempted next timesummer in montreal (21)I bought pulled porc sandwitchsummer in montreal (24)Victor was very excited to buy from the food truck of this resturant becuase we’ve always wanted to go
summer in montreal (27) summer in montreal (28)This is foie gras poutine, he has wanted to try it for a year. He was disappointed because the place we go for poutine makes the best fries and this was a little salty.  summer in montreal (36)Every walk requires us trying to being cute togetherJust for Laughes did have some great games setup.  summer in montreal (44)I don`t know what game this was, but again I beat Victor and that`s all that matters. lolsummer in montreal (53)This was magnetic soccer, I beat Victor 5 to 0summer in montreal (55)Having a break between Just for Laughes Festival and heading over to Cirque Festivalsummer in montreal (100)He walked the tight rope to throat singing
summer in montreal (107)summer in montreal (154)
A look at how far up the tightroper was and the crowd below. As well a ribbon cirque performersummer in montreal (159)Victor thinks I should learn to do this, haha I would love to have legs that strongsummer in montreal (163)The start of the end, we decided to pick up some beer and a mango drink for me and go to Parc LaFontaine to watch the sunset by the lakesummer in montreal (184)Drinking beer and relaxing after a few hours in the sunsummer in montreal (193)The guy sitting on the bench next to Victor was a wonderful singer, he was playing the accordion. He played Johnny Cash and I sang along with him. summer in montreal (196)Sitting by the lake and getting ready to dip my feet insummer in montreal (191)Victor relaxing while dipped my feet into the lake. You can see my Holgaroid and some shots drying. summer in montreal (214)The last look of the night, the fading lights over the lake

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