Self Portrait Sunday

self portrait (16) (800x536)1 year go

The one thing I love about taking self-portraits is looking back to see where you were a year ago. Last year in August I toke these photos of me in the alley behind my house. The alley was such a cool place to hang out and take photos, it was covered in graffiti and plants growing out of toilets and bathtubs and lots of crazy sculptures and interesting pieces of mixed media art from various neighbors. The part I loved the most was the piano with planets coming out of the top of it with My Little Pony toys from the 80’s hanging out in the dirt and the broken mirrors laying around. I love broken mirrors for taking photos in, there is something menacing I find about reflections. They don’t really feel like you anymore. Thought I’d share the photos I toke that day! That alley way was the best thing about my old house and one of the few things I miss about living there. I want to get bangs again but think I’ll wait until they’ve grown out all the way and decided what I liked better. It’s crazy how long my hair has grown in just a year. Do you ever look at photo from a year ago and compare?

self portrait (42) (800x536) self portrait (33) (800x536) self portrait (38) (800x536)

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