Pick of the Week: Revlon “Moon Candy”

moon candy (3)Pick of the Week: Moon Candy

I am in Vancouver this week so I thought I’d do something fun and summery. Today my pick is my favourite nail polish, Moon Candy by Revlon. I always have nail polish on and have a pretty random collection of polish. Ever since picking up my first color of Moon Candy I’ve been obsessed. I really want to collect every one of them and am happy to see that they are easier to pick up than they were in the winter, for now I have 3 colors.  This line comes with a base coat of solid color and a holographic glitter top coat respectively. I am not a big fan of the base coat colors as they are very dark and most of the ones I have a pretty much look black unless you are in sunlight but it really does bring out the glitter top coat (and the great thing is you can use on any of your solid nail polish). The polish lasts a long time and I enjoy the holographic glitter more than regular glitter or sparkle nail polish and the look is definitely one of the newest trends in nail polish. If you haven’t tried, I highly suggest and they are easy to find at most drugstores (I picked mine up and Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix)

moon candy (4)moon candy (5)


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