365 Challenge: July

 Another month of 365, the last few weeks have been a little harder than usually because I have been on vacation (I just got home from Vancouver yesterday).  However I managed to keep up each day and so far haven’t missed any days or resorted to taking a photo with my phone. I am feeling very proud of myself and I feel like I’ve gotten into the swing of taking daily photos now.  So much so that I am thinking of themes and doing more elaborate ideas for daily photos. I am still pondering, and since I’ve already done 5 months its feel weird to just shift into a theme so perhaps I will have two different 365 projects or wait patiently until next March (I doubt that will happen). This biggest hurdle for July has been the days where I was too hot to even moving away from the fan – lol. I am enjoying this project very much and cannot wait for August’s 365. If you want to check out the previous round-ups: March, April , May  and June or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (125) (1024x678)125 My birthday! My original painting from worriedeyes arrive by snail mail that day and it made my day

365 (131) (1024x678)131 Jumping with Victor on our walk to the train trackes

365 (134) (1024x678)134 Chillin’ with a raseberry popsicle and enjoying the summer heat with Butter

365 (142) (1024x678)
142 Lisa-Michelle photoshoot taken during Vancouver trip

365 (148) (678x1024)148 Spent my last day in Vancouver hanging out with my best friend

Below are all the 365 photos taken in July!

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