Pick of the Week: Melancholy Kitties

Melancholy Kitties (4)

 Pick of the Week: Melancholy Kitties

Melancholy Kitties is an Etsy store run by Kat Caro that specializes in postcards and prints of Blythe dolls that have been custom made by herself for clients. I love Blythe dolls and have always been obsessed with them and I love her Dia de los Muertos inspired customizations. Owning these postcards of her work is the next best thing to owning one of her customized dolls myself. Her work is so colorful  and the little details are so wonderful. There shiny postcards are lovely if you are a collector of postcards like myself, a must! If you want to see more of her customized work, check out her website: here!

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my favourite items:


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