Butter of the Week

mishko Butter Mishko of the Week

Wait that isn’t Butter! It’s actually my best friend Ana’s lovely cat Mishko! He is such a brat and spends his days sleeping on the coffee table as you can see. haven’t seen this guy in 2 years and he hasn’t changed a bit. He has the softest coat of all the cats I know, I don’t why Butter’s is not like this but he feels great. Ana’s parents actually got him a year after I got Butter because they loved hanging out with her so much and wanted their own kitty. I think the honeymoon is over though because he is one major brat now and just terrorize Ana. However we can enjoy his beauty at least. Haha, I think Butter could sense I was writing about another cat and leapt onto my lap and demanded cuddles. She has been ignoring me all day and now decides she wants company and sits on my computer – typical. Have a great weekend and Butter will return next week !


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