Self-Portrait Sunday

Self Portrait (17)Have you ever completely forgotten a hair style or color you’ve had and then randomly run across a picture of it and are really surprised? That happened to me this week, I was looking through old photos from last Fall and saw a photo of me with pale purple hair and was really surprised cos I had completely forgot it. It was when I used an organic purple hair dye that I experimented with to trying and makes it pale purple instead of the more medium tone. It looked very bizarre and almost grey at times however I did like it and had for probably 3 months….so I don’t how I managed to forget that but I did. I think I am getting to the point where I need like a folder with all my hair colors all together so I can look back and remember. Plus it’d be good to make sure not repeat looks I’ve done before or maybe just remind myself of ones I really liked. It’s tricky though trying to duplicate hair colors because my hair reacts so differently each time even to bleach and the best colors are always flukes. Let me know what hair style or color you’ve had and then completely blanked out. I’ve thrown in a few photos taken when it was purple for today.

Self Portrait (73) self portraitSelf Portrait (78)

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