Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

worried eyes (6)Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

Worried Eyes is an Etsy shop run by Elaine Williams that features her art is various forms. You can pick up handmade stickers, original paintings and sketches, postcards, and occasionally items like hair clips and pins. My favourite item from her store though has to be her “doodle package”. I love getting snail mail and this is great item to pick up if you do too (and very reasonable priced).  It’s basically a miss mash of random items she has, including a decorated envelop, sketches, photo copied works, stickers, a postcard and all these random little items that will just make you swoon. Her art is very unique as it’s easy to become addicted to her style. I’ve gotten two from her and below will be showing you detailed photos of all the pieces that I got of each doodle package. The great thing is everyone is different and that makes it even more exciting to receive in the mail, I think. I’ve also gotten some original paintings and a pin that I will show in a later Pick of the Week as well (I thought they deserved their own post and I want to have them framed).  Check out her shop to pick of a doodle package of your own and you can check out her tumblr too: here!

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a few of my favourite items from her shop:
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