Butter of the Week

Butter (3), butter of the weekButter of the Week is back! These were taken on the weekend in Butter’s hideout. I swear the vines on our balconey are out of control, they’ve almost swallowed the chair entirelly. It’s nice for Butter as there is 2 cats now that live in the apartments near us so she has a place to watch the other cats and of course for hunting birds. I thought I’d take a few shots before we have to trim the vines back for fall. Hope you’ve had a great week and if your lucky enough to get weekends off, enjoy! My week has been filled with anixety and I am really hoping this weekend it just really a realeases and I can enjoy myself. I am trying a new popsicle recipe (gin and tonic) and working on some cute DIY ideas. It will be a packed weekend and I’ll get to spend time with Victor after working evenings all week and missing him. Enjoy Butter’s hideout!

Butter (8), butter of the weekButter (4), butter of the weekButter (10), butter of the week Butter (7)Butter (2), butter of the weekButter (9)

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