Pick of the Week: Jetoy!

Jetoy (10)Pick of the Week: Jetoy

My pick for this week is Jetoy a stationary brand from Korea, and my go to for all things cute and cat related. I fell in love with this brand last year when I stumbled abound a set of postcards of the Choo Choo cat. It took awhile to figure out the brand was actually called Jetoy but soon I was on their website jealously looking at the wonderful things Koreans can pick up from their stores. I thought it’d be great to share since in a week university and high school starts up (although I am in neither anymore). They have stickers, postcards, note books, calendars, sticky notes and all the basic stationary things. Sadly it’s very hard to find in Canada (if you live in a big town check out your local ‘box store’ in Chinatown) and ordering from their English website is insanely expensive. I recommend going the Ebay route for newer items and Etsy for older stock – I’ve never had an issue buying anything from either place or getting none genuine Jetoy product. Just make sure you buy from a verified seller – I alwasy go by the best price with the most reviews. The notebooks are my personal fav because they have even more Jetoy cats draw on the inside paper making it more than you average notebook. I am a little obsessed, but how can you say no to a Choo Choo cat?

jetoy (5)

Jetoy (4)
Jetoy (1)

Calenders and Bookmarks
Jetoy (6)

Note Books

Jetoy (9)Jetoy (7)

My collection so far!Jetoy (12)Actually I just realized I am missing a few pieces like my Iphone cover and phone strap plus my card holder…and my little plastic case I use for my film. hahaha I have way too much.


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