Day 1: Travelling to Prince Edward Island

So last weekend I got an offer from my friend Zara to go on a road trip and camp because she had wanted to go to Prince Edward Island. For those of you who don’t know Canadian geography, it’s an island/province on the east coast tip of Canada on the Atlantic Ocean just across from the province of New Brunswick. It’s roughly a 12hour drive from the Montreal. I was really excited because the farthest east in Canada I have been is Quebec City and have never been to either NB or PEI before. As well I am a huge lover of islands (I grew up on an island) and always feel so spiritually happy being near the ocean. I really wanted to show you some of my photos from the trip so I thought I’d share them over the next few Thursdays.

prince edward island (1)After a few wrong turns we made it out of Montreal and hit the road just after 7am.

prince edward island (5)First stop of the trip was this random town because Zara gave up on finding a small town bakery for breakfast.

prince edward island (4)After passing Quebec City we saw our first peak of the Atlantic Ocean and then headed inland again

prince edward island (6) prince edward island (8)And just like that the time zone changed an hour ahead and we slipped from Quebec into New Brunswick

prince edward island (9)I am skipping about 6 hours here because New Brunswick looks like every other part of Canada and we just speed over the speed limit in a rush to get to PEI before night fall.

prince edward island (10)Zara’s next mission after a failed hunt for a bakery was ice cream, this shop between Fredricton and Moncton lured us off the highway in promise of just that and instead provided to be insanely expensive ice cream that sent us back to the car

prince edward island (11) prince edward island (12)After the last stretch of New Brunswick interior we finally arrived at Moncton and hit the gloomy clouds

prince edward island (13)We then went on a mission to find the nearest liqour store and drove by the cutest ice cream shop

prince edward island (14)This was the only sucessful mission of the day, we found the liquer store to make sure we had plenty of cold drinks for camping and we found a bakery too that had this amazing treat (it’s rice cripsy squre with icing and then brownie on the bottom – yum)


prince edward island (15)After the quick stop in civilization it was back in the car for even more driving in the hope of reaching the coast

prince edward island (18)Portraits from inside the car, me enjoying the sun in my face and Zara enjyoing the landscapes

prince edward island (19) prince edward island (20)The coastal farm land of NB is really beautiful and I loved the color contrast between the sky and land.

prince edward island (21) prince edward island (24) prince edward island (27) prince edward island (28)We didn’t have a map and were only using the GPS on my phone at certain times so in anticapation of seeing the ocean again we started to play a game called – Ocean. To play you had to say ‘ocean’ whenever you thought you saw it on the horizion. I kept thinking the bottom layer of clouds was the ocean.

prince edward island (29)The clouds were starting to scare us because we were camping all weekend and didn’t want to get wet on the first night. But it made for a wonderful last few hours of driving to get to the end of the coastal part of New Brunswick.

prince edward island (30) prince edward island (31) prince edward island (32)Out of nowhere after a small sign advised use to turn off unless we wanted to go to PEI, the bridge crossing the ocean loomed ahead of us.

prince edward island (34)prince edward island (35)Over the barrier of the bridge you can see the coast of Nova Scotia starting and a light house.

prince edward island (37)Behind Victor you can see the ocean surround the start of the bridge on the New Brunswick side.

prince edward island (38)After 10minutes of driving we finally reached the Prince Edward Island side of the bridge

prince edward island (40)As soon as we arrived in PEI the sun started to set and we kept driving towards it in the horizon.

prince edward island (43) The sun in it’s final moments before disappear and all of us realizing we still have a 40min drive to the campsite and it was already well after 8pm.

prince edward island (44)When we arrive at our campsite it was completly dark but we got to watch the moon rise over the ocean. It was amazing, it looked like the sun it was glowing a bright orange. I didn’t have time to grap my tripod and take a good shot but it was really cool.

prince edward island (46)

I thought I’d end it here, we did make a campfire and cook some sausages over the fire but soon afterwards we setup out tents and went to bed. It was a long drive – much longer than we had expected. Next week I’ll show you part of Day 2 in Prince Edward Island. Let me know if you like these kind of journal sets of photos.


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