Lost Holga Prints

I found a whole bunch of film while organize my 120 film last month and discovered Holga photos that I have never printed off or scanned onto my computer. Most of them were very strange and I believe they come from a roll of film I had sitting around for 2 years before I had it developed. It was an interesting find and I wanted to show you guys some of the photos. I really need to spend more time working on my Holga skills as with practice it’s easier to get really amazing shots. The shots are from 2009 of two of my old roommates in Vancouver taken in the backyard of the house we shared. Most of the shots were experiments I was doing with multiple exposures and didn’t turn out very well but I don’t take my toy photography too seriously (bad for my health). If you don’t like experimental photos head over to here to check out my cleaner shots taken with Holga (here and here).

holga (75)holga (19)holga (32)holga (27)holga (20)



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