Day 2 in Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown and Graveyards

graveyardToday is a continuation of last week’s adventure in Prince Edward Island, starting with our second day there. It was our only full day there and we managed to drive all over the island and see lots of local life. Since I have the tendency to take so many photos Day 2 will be broke up over the next 2 weeks. I am excited to show how beautiful the island is and today’s post has some shots of their capital Charlottetown and the countryside.

Prince Edward Island (10)The start of the day was breakfast on the fire pit with me and Victor’s tent and the ocean in the background.  It was freezing cold until dawn when it became insanely hot so none of us got a very good sleep.

Prince Edward Island (4)It was amazing waking up right in front of the Atlantic ocean, on Vancouver Island where I grew up we have a few campgrounds that are right on the Pacific ocean too and they were always my favourite.

Prince Edward Island (5)Prince Edward Island (6)Prince Edward Island (8)Prince Edward Island (7)
While the other two were getting ready, I went into the ocean and just enjoyed the morning waves hitting my legs while I took pictures.

Prince Edward Island (13)Breakfast time! Victor looks so sleepy. We had maple bacon and I made hash browns with left over sausage in them, a little onion and some white cheddar cheese melted on top.

Prince Edward Island (14)We hit the road and right away got lost. We even found a dead end. Lucky for us the dead end was really pretty so we stopped to take photos.

Prince Edward Island (15)Prince Edward Island (16)self portrait, peiPrince Edward Island (17)
The ground was covered in shells, wish we had a chance to go fishing or go on a boat to get fresh seafood. All 3 of us are huge seafood fans.

The next random stop was after I saw one of many old graveyards. Prince Edward Island is pretty much half graveyards and churches, it’s kind of nuts for such a small island.

Prince Edward Island (20) Prince Edward Island (21)I love graveyards. This graveyard was a mix of newer and old stones. Victor thinks a lot of the stones had free mason symbols on them.

Prince Edward Island (22) Prince Edward Island (23) Prince Edward Island (24) Prince Edward Island (25) Prince Edward Island (32)Mold growing on stone is always beautiful, I love the electric yellow orange ones the most.

graveyard graveyard graveyard graveyard Prince Edward Island (31)We stopped a few times in between this to get ice cream and go a Salvation Army where I picked up some cute finds. This was the only antique store we went to (which made me really sad). It was probably the worst one I have been too, completely unorganized and smelt like horse manure. Haha.

Prince Edward Island (34)Prince Edward Island (35)
More shots of the countryside while we were driving, the drive to get to Charlottetown the capital of PEI was about 2 hours.

Prince Edward Island (36) Prince Edward Island (37) Prince Edward Island (48)Charlottetown! It was very small and filled with tourist it seemed. We weren’t really into it so after going to the harbor and walking downtown through some older neighborhoods we headed back into the car (we were also really hungery).

Prince Edward Island (38)Prince Edward Island (41) Prince Edward Island (44)Prince Edward Island (42)Prince Edward Island (39)Prince Edward Island (46)
On the drive to the seafood resturant there was a sign promising smoke salmon and other smoked treat and it lured us down this road…and it was closed on Saturdays. Noo! But we did pass by this amazing barn.

Prince Edward Island (47)Food! This place I found on the internet, it’s all you can eat side dishes with fresh local lobster. It was packed and clearly the place to be.

Victor and Zara managed to eat 2 whole buckets of mussels, with a little help from me.

Some food porn for you: Victor’s 1 ½ pound lobster and my fresh salmon. And most importantly dessert!! I got a total of 2 pies and 1 piece of cake – I wish I could have had more because they were amazing.

lobster salmon pie

 That’s the end for today. I think 50 photos is a lot. Next week will be the later half of our day which is going to involve lighthouses, beaches, sunsets and silliness.


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