Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

rudyscandy (2)Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

Rudy’s Candy Shop is an Etsy store run by artist Rudy Fig based out of Minneapolis. Her shop included stickers, postcards, toys and other items featuring her illustrations with the occasional original painting. Her work has a certain whimsical nature that I really enjoy and I always have a soft spot of doll inspired work with big eyes. I picked up this lovely lollipop sticker and some adorable nail decals from her this summer. And she kindly gave me one of her wonderful postcards as well (I covet her new ones so much). I’ve tried the decals and although they are tricky (like most decals for me) the end results are amazing and having them on my fingers makes me feel like I am lost in a story tale. I’ve put photos below showing off more of what I grabbed, but if you want to check out more about Rudy, she has a website: here!

rudyscandy (3)rudyscandyrudyscandy (2)rudyscandy

A few of picks from her shop:


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