Pick of the Week: Yellena

Pick of the Week: Yellena

This week’s pick is a shop by Yellena James out of Portland, Oregon of her illustrations. I love her work with its coral inspiration and just that kind of under the sea organic weirdness. I feel looking at her work like I am staring at some magical coral reef deep below the sea just glowing in the dark. In one it word – it’s beautiful. She also happens to use all my favourite colors and just the level of restraint at keeping the lines simple works really well.  I usually feature Etsy stores for Pick of the Week that I bought items from however I just had to share. I am dying to get a print from her but currently a bit broke working part-time. My dining room is about to be painted a peachy coral color so I hope to pick one up around Christmas – a little heads up right now she has a buy 2 get 1 free sale on all her prints so if you like her work it is a great to scoop one up.
For more information you can check out her website.

My favourite items from her shop:


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