Me and the Giants

self portrait sunday (2)

Self-Portrait Sunday: Me and the Giants

Yesterday I went to the Mosaicultures event in Montreal with Victor and my friend Zara. They have giant living sculptures that are just breathtaking. The place was packed to the brim but I did manage to sneak in a few shots of myself with the statues. They feel right out of a story tale and are so glad I was able to capture myself beside them…now only if they would come to life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I want a tree giant to be my friend. lol. There will be more photos on Thursday from our walk around the botanical gardens so look out for that. Hope you had an amazing weekend!

 self portrait sundayself portrait sunday (4)self portrait sunday (7)self portrait sunday (5)
and some shots I took of me with Zara and Victor

self portrait sunday (10)self portrait sunday (3)self portrait sunday (8)


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